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.APE File Extension

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File TypeAVS Plugin Effects File
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Rare Uncommon Average Common Very Common
CategoryPlugin Files
File Format Description

Component referenced by the Advanced Visualization Studio (AVS) plugin for Winamp; used for creating programmable visual animations based on the music played by Winamp.

Program(s) that open .APE files
Updated 3/4/2009

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File TypeMonkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
DeveloperMonkey's Audio
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CategoryAudio Files
File Format Description

Audio file compressed using Monkey's Audio lossless compression algorithm; includes error detection and support for tags that store information about audio files; sometimes created with .CUE files to comprise an audio CD image.

NOTE: The Monkey's Audio encoder is freely available and can be incorporated into other software programs. Therefore, APE files may be created with other programs besides Monkey's Audio.

Program(s) that open .APE files
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MPlayer Icon MPlayer
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Updated 5/2/2014