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.CPS File Extension

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The Powder Toy Save File Icon
File TypeThe Powder Toy Save File
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CategoryGame Files
File Format Description

File created by The Powder Toy, a 2D physics game used for simulating particles, air pressure, gravity, and heat; stores the data for the simulation in a compressed format; can be distributed to others to share simulations.

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Updated 5/25/2012

Generic Icon
File TypeCorel Photo House File
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CategoryRaster Image Files
File Format Description

Raster image file saved by Corel Photo House, an older image-editing program similar to Corel Photo Paint; typically used for altering and adding effects to digital photos.

NOTE: Both Photo House and Photo Paint have been replaced by Paint Shop Pro.

Program(s) that open .CPS files
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Icon Corel Photo House
Updated 2/1/2008