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.SXD File Extension

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ArcScene Document Icon
File TypeArcScene Document
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CategoryGIS Files
File Format Description

Document created by ArcScene, an application used for visualizing GIS data in 3D; stores links to the data sources for the scene; also stores the scene's view properties and layers; used for rendering 3D views of the GIS data.

ArcScene is included as part of the ArcGIS Desktop package.

Program(s) that open .SXD files
Updated 9/3/2010

StarOffice Drawing Icon
File TypeStarOffice Drawing
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CategoryVector Image Files
File Format Description

Drawing created by StarOffice Draw, a vector graphics editing program; saves vector elements such as points, lines, and curves, but may also include raster graphics; used for storing technical illustrations.

StarOffice is now known as Open Office. The software uses the same codebase as Apache OpenOffice, a free version of the office suite. Both Apache OpenOffice and Open Office now use the OpenDocument standard and store vector graphics as .ODG files.

NOTE: Apache OpenOffice was formerly known as

Program(s) that open .SXD files
Updated 7/26/2013